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UPDATE 16 March 2020 - Coronavirus COVID-19

March 16, 2020

Department of Health COVID-19 Update for GPs

The Department of Health has released an update for GPs, including information about:

  • Patient testing for COVID-19
  • Current situation and latest news
  • Telehealth
  • Triage protocols
  • Respiratory Clinics
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Read the full update here

QLD Health Public Health Alert 14 March

Queensland Health distributed an updated Public Health Alert on 14 March 2020 reinforcing testing recommendations for COVID-19.

Read the Queensland Health Public Health Alert dated 14 March 2020 here

Toowoomba Fever Clinic now open

Darling Downs Health has established a Fever Clinic at Baillie Henderson Hospital in Toowoomba.

LOCATION: Baillie Henderson Hospital Carpark, Mort St Entrance

OPEN TIMES: 10:00am - 6:00pm - 7 days a week
NO APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED. This is a drive up clinic. Patients will be seen in order of arrival.

Only patients with mild to moderate symptoms who meet the current criteria outlined in the Queensland Health Public Health Alert dated 14 March 2020. Please note: If your practice has capacity and the equipment/personal protective equipment (PPE) to assess and test patients who meet the criteria at your practice or via telehealth and referral to a private laboratory, please continue to do so.

Patients can access the fever clinic through the Mort St entrance at Baillie Henderson Hospital. A sign will advise patients to STOP and phone the clinic. Patients can beep their car horn if they don't have access to a mobile phone. Patients will be triaged over the phone. Testing and/or clinical assessment will then occur via a doctor if needed. QAS will be called if any patients present severely unwell with breathing difficulty. The clinic is not equipped to manage severely ill patients.

If you or your staff assess a patient either in person or through telehealth to be severely unwell with breathing difficulties, call QAS for the patient as required.

Call the Toowoomba Base Hospital Emergency Department to let them know you have a severely unwell patient with breathing difficulty and suspected COVID-19. Due to the volume of calls being received, ensure you:

  • state your name and role
  • state that you have a severely unwell patient with breathing difficulty and suspected COVID 19
  • state patient observations or other symptoms/signs of severe concern. The consultant can then advise you on how to proceed.

Useful Resources

General resources for clinicians

Darling Downs and West Moreton HealthPathways have been updated to include information about COVID-19.

Darling Downs
Click here to login
Username: dduser
Password: ddpassword

West Moreton
Click here to login
Username: wmuser
Password: wmpassword

Contacting your local Public Health Unit

PLEASE NOTE GPs are asked to notify their relevant Public Health Units of 'suspect cases' of COVID-19.

Please discuss any cases of concern with your local Public Health Unit immediately so that appropriate actions and testing can be organised.

  • Darling Downs P 07 4699 8240 (business hours) P 07 3646 1699 (after hours)
  • West Moreton P 07 3818 4700 (business hours) P 07 3176 2111 (after hours, ask for public health)

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