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Update from Healthdirect: Antiviral treatments

January 10, 2023

Since mid-2022, Healthdirect Australia has assisted people with COVID-19 in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia connect to their GP for antiviral treatment assessment and prescription. Healthdirect notifies the consumer via text message to call their GP if they may be potentially eligible for antivirals, and also has notified their GP or GPRC by secure messaging of the patient status. This secure message to GPs and GPRCs was followed up with a phone call.

In response to feedback from GPs, and due to the successful implementation of secure messaging for this program, the follow up call is no longer needed and has ceased from 1 January 2023.

This service has helped over 35,000 people connect with antiviral treatment.

More information about the service is available here: Supporting access to antiviral treatment | healthdirect.