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UPDATE – Health Provider Portal access extended to registered nursing, midwifery and paramedicine professionals

January 28, 2021

As of Monday, 25 January health practitioners who register under the professions of nursing, midwifery and paramedicine will also be able to register for and access the Health Provider Portal to view a patients’ key public hospital information in The Viewer.

Nurses, midwives and paramedics who are employed by Queensland Health to provide clinical care may already have access to The Viewer. Extending access to The Viewer to nurses, midwives and paramedics regardless of the type of facility or organisation they work for will ensure that these practitioners have timely access to important clinical information that could impact advice and treatment of a patient’s clinical condition and reduce unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures.

This change also supports the implementation of the Queensland Health’s Frail Older Persons Project, which has been established to support a coordinated approach to improving the quality, safety and care of older Queenslanders.

Care of patients in the last twelve months of life is often delivered across multiple care settings, for instance palliative chemotherapy in a public hospital setting, non-Government primary care nursing services, and home care by a General Practitioner. Ensuring relevant health practitioners in private hospitals, primary care settings and residential aged care facilities have access to up-to-date and accurate clinical information in patients’ public hospital records promotes improved communication and care for older persons, especially during the end-of-life stage.

Should you require further information on how nurses, midwives and paramedics can register for access, please access the resources available here or email

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