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Violence prevention workshops are welcomed throughout the region

December 01, 2021

Over 120 health professionals attended our Violence Prevention Workshops in November which helped local health professionals improve their skills to identify aggression, de-escalate situations, and promote positive interactions.

After an overwhelming response was received from the first Workshop held in the Lockyer Valley in August, the PHN set up Workshops in Ipswich, Springfield, Toowoomba, Kingaroy and Chinchilla.

Presented by Tracy Gardiner from Health Industry Employment Services the two-hour session provided an in-depth look at triggers of aggression and how to prevent, de-escalate and manage difficult situations.

“The workshop enables practice staff members to reflect on their own communication styles and how their words and body language can escalate and de-escalate an aggressor,” Ms Gardiner said.

The PHN continues to support health professionals to operate in a safe and positive environment to ensure everyone in the region can access and receive the care they need when they need it. This training is a part of many upcoming education events the PHN is looking to host in 2022 to support primary care and allied health professionals in our region.

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