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West Moreton Care at the End of Life Collaborative

December 01, 2021

In early November over 65 health professionals representing health professionals across the West Moreton region's health services came together for the annual West Moreton Care at End of Life Collaborative. Established in 2018 to develop and execute a shared action plan that addresses gaps in capacity and capability, the collaborative meets every year to update and discuss current obstacles, objectives and care needed in the region.

In the West Moreton region, care for people living with a life-limiting illness is undertaken by a network of health professionals, organisations, services, social supports and family. There is a large number of services and organisations working together to provide and contribute to palliative care for this community. From these annual collaboratives, a Knowledge Framework for health professionals and professional caregivers who provide care at the end of life has been developed.

The intent of the Framework is to provide a guide for individuals and organisations which included what they need to know as ‘core business’ in their specific roles; including medical professionals, nurses, allied health clinicians, the Queensland Ambulance Service, paediatric and professional caregivers.

The Collaborative this year discussed current programs in the West Moreton region, a voluntary assisted dying panel discussion, grief and loss, and courageous conversations.

This project was initially funded by the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN who remain active in improving care for people at the end of life in the region.