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West Moreton Health Update March 2021

March 23, 2021

Rehabilitation care in West Moreton

As of 8 March, West Moreton Health has adopted a whole-of-service model for the rehabilitation care needs of people in the community. This means West Moreton Health has formally extended rehabilitation care to Boonah Hospital under a shared care medical model. It means rehabilitation care services will be available to more people in the community by maximising bed capacity across the health service and through the more efficient use of West Moreton Health’s skilled people and resources. If you have any questions about referral to inpatient Rehabilitation Services at West Moreton Health, please contact the Rehabilitation Flow Facilitator on 0409 208 979 or 3810 1347. West Moreton Health advises it has also listened to feedback throughout this process and understands how important it is for patients to be able to connect with their families when they are away from home. The health service is also considering what transport solutions are available to help bridge this gap.

Join Grand Rounds via Teams

West Moreton Health invites GPs to join a Grand Rounds discussion on the management of paediatric respiratory conditions. GPs are encouraged to join the discussion in a Q&A. It will be held via a Teams meeting at 12.30–1.30pm on Friday 26 March 2021. Click the link to attend. If you have any questions, please email GP Liaison Officer Dr Tanusha Ramaloo or Wendy Utz for technical support.

Practice managers: Please print and display these What are Grand Rounds? flyers, including key dates for 2021, in appropriate staff areas.

Older Persons Care Collaborative

West Moreton Health, in partnership with the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN, recently hosted the inaugural West Moreton Older Persons Care Collaborative. More than 20 organisations, as well as consumers and carers attended to discuss what is currently working well within the region’s aged care sector, current challenges and future risks. The West Moreton population of 65 – 74-year-olds is expected to increase by 65 per cent, while the number of people aged 75+ will more than double by 2026. The collaborative aims to develop a shared regional plan to ensure stakeholders and partners across the region can best work together to support sustainable, high-quality and integrated health services for older persons. The collaborative still welcomes interested parties who would like to participate. For more information please email the West Moreton Health Strategic Projects and Planning Team.

WMH service spotlight: Residential Aged Care Acute Support Services

Residential Aged Care Acute Support Services (RaSS) is a partnership between GPs, residential aged care facilities (RACFs), hospital and health services and community service providers to ensure the right care is provided at the right place and at the right time. The service aims to improve patient choice of care setting and the quality and safety of care provided across the care continuum. The RaSS is a single point of contact for RACF staff and GPs with residents who have acute health care needs beyond existing capabilities. Click to find out more about patient-centred care options here.

Realising benefits of virtual care

An external economic evaluation commissioned by the Australian Centre of Health Services Innovation has found West Moreton Health’s MeCare program offers real value for the community, both in terms of improved health outcomes for participants and value for money through hospital avoidance. The health service hopes to attract external partners to expand virtual care services and improve access to care to more patients. This month’s launch of the West Moreton Health Prostate Cancer Survivorship program, which uses the MeCare program technology, is an example of the benefits of virtual care. The program pilot – a collaboration between West Moreton Health and the University of Southern Queensland – will consider the effectiveness of the online platform to deliver care, real-time condition monitoring, and virtual at-home appointments with a clinical nurse to improve survivorship for men with prostate cancer.

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