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West Moreton HealthPathways officially launches

August 30, 2019

Over 80 GPs and health care professionals attended the official launch of West Moreton HealthPathways this month in Ipswich.

West Moreton HealthPathways is a collaborative project between our PHN and West Moreton Health which provides a web-based information portal to support primary care clinicians to plan patient care through the healthcare system. The portal provides detailed assessment, management and localised guidance information, while providing both public and private clinical referral information that aligns with Queensland Health's Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC).

HealthPathways works to improve the health of patients by reducing wait times and providing reliable treatment guidance to clinicians. It is an effective triaging tool, provides community treatment options and increases GP confidence when managing certain conditions.

HealthPathways compliments a number of other initiatives in the region including Smart Referrals, integrated electronic medical records (ieMR) and secure messaging.

The content is developed collaboratively by local GPs, hospital clinicians and a wide range of other healthcare professionals.

Visit the West Moreton HealthPathways Portal.

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