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Working together to make healthy happen

February 21, 2022

When it comes to the health of Queensland, the old expression 'many hands make light work' could not be more relevant. For the past 18 months, two state-wide preventive health programs, My health for life and The Good Foundation’s Jamie’s Ministry of Food have been working in partnership to support communities and individuals to improve their health.

Dietitian, Monique Dunkley, from Dietcare in Mackay, is in the unique position of being an approved facilitator for both programs. Monique has more than 20 years’ experience as a dietitian and has been delivering the My health for life group program and the Jamie’s Ministry of Food cooking course for the past four years. Working across both programs, she has experienced first-hand the benefits of the dual program offering in her community.

“The programs are complementary but the practical skills taught are different,” she said.

“My health for life focuses on sustainable healthy lifestyle change, while Jamie’s Ministry of Food focuses on improving cooking and nutrition knowledge and skills. There is no overlap in content so participants are exposed to different, but complementary, information which is really beneficial to them.”

In the past 12 months both programs have navigated the online world as a result of COVID-19. The upside meant it allowed Monique’s team at Dietcare to recruit new participants into My health for life who may not have considered the program previously.

“People were attending during their work lunch breaks or at home in their lounge room. It was a fantastic experience for them.”

Both programs are State Government funded through Health and Wellbeing Queensland, and will continue to work together to support Queenslanders to live and age well.

For more information visit the My health for life website.