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Workshop strengthens ties between maternity shared care providers

May 31, 2022

Over 50 local health professionals came together online this month to participate in the new maternity shared care collaborative which aims to share knowledge about woman-centred maternity care.

The program has been established to build collaborative relationships throughout the region that follow a set of guidelines and responsibilities of antenatal and post-natal care. The overall goal is to improve health outcomes for mum and baby during antenatal and post-natal care.

The collaborative encourages GPs, nurses, and midwives to participate in upcoming workshops to improve the continuity of care across the region.

The program follows the pregnancy journey from conception through to the postpartum period and the neonatal check. It's a dynamic process that facilitates communication, trust, and decision-making pathways to support health professionals to collaboratively provide safe, woman-centred maternity care. This ensures the woman can be an active partner in their care.

The collaboration includes clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all health care providers involved in care, especially for the health care professional the woman nominates as the primary maternity carer (PMC). This helps to avoid fragmentation of care and services, improves satisfaction during the maternity experience and leads to improved outcomes.

If you would like to attend an upcoming collaborative please contact