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Activity 1 – Low Intensity Mental Health Services

Priority Area – Low intensity mental health services   

Low-intensity mental health services support people with or at risk of mild mental illness. The services are targeted at those with less severe mental health needs within a stepped care approach, and provide a key service platform within stepped care.

Service delivery under this activity aims to provide access to lower cost, lower intensity services by commissioning providers to deliver a range of low intensity services including:

  • Evidence-based interventions providing flexible access to services regardless of referral.
  • Interventions offered in a variety of delivery formats (e.g. individual, group, telephone, web-based services and face-to-face).
  • Enhanced links to other services along the stepped care continuum to ensure people are matched to a service that meets their mental health needs. This includes providing tools to ensure accessibility where appropriate.
  • Mental health awareness and health literacy raising activities.

Expected Results/ Outcomes:

  • Increased service availability and accessibility Early intervention resulting in improved client mental health outcomes

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