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Project Status: Approved for scoping

Aim: This activity will establish two separate HealthPathways across our region, one for the Darling Downs and another for the West Moreton area. HealthPathways will be new to the region and for the first time will enable our clinicians and specialist services to engage and utilise the most efficient and effective health pathways for the direct benefit of the patient.

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Workshops connecting Health Professionals across spectrums to introduce them to Health Pathways.
  • Establish regional best practice and its continual update and approval.
  • Identify areas/pathways of specific interest.
  • Reduce the number of referrals to the HHS being rejected.
  • Identify local service gaps.
  • A platform for delivering important information and updates.


  • Number of HealthPathways created.
  • Service gaps identified.
  • Number of workshops run for the introduction of HealthPathways.
  • Feedback on specific pathways developed (derived from HealthPathways website).
  • Clinician uptake (derived from HealthPathways website).
  • Referral acceptance rates with the HHS.
  • Most popular pathways (derived from HealthPathways website).
  • Number of Health Alerts displayed on HealthPathways website.

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