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Identify Barriers and Develop Solutions for Refugee Health

Project Status: Approved

Aim: This activity will create local solutions to the barriers faced by our refugee community in accessing health care. Initially, issues will be recognised and mapped by working closely with our community and key stakeholders to create a situation analysis which will form the basis of co-design activities for the development of innovation solutions. It is envisioned that the situation analysis will further inform our Needs Assessment, support our existing Refugee, Mental Health, After Hours and HealthPathways programs and enable us to collaboratively implement health focused solutions in the future.

A tender process will be engaged to commission the data collection, situation analysis and academic review components of this activity. Community engagement and co-design activities will be conducted by the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN.

Anticipated Outcomes:

  1. Mapping of current health care pathways for refugees.
  2. Identification of barriers to accessing health care and why these occur.
  3. Informing future Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN Needs Assessments, future program delivery and prioritisation.
  4. Production of an academic review assessing the outcomes of the activity from a clinical perspective.
  5. Increased community and stakeholder engagement, further development of relationships.
  6. Clearly identified solutions to address barriers to accessing health care. 
  7. Future planning and funding provision around any suitable solutions identified.

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