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Regional Needs Assessment

Our annual approach aligns with the Department of Health’s Needs assessment guide (“NAG”), and involves the four phases detailed below. This process will assist us to understand specific health and service needs, key issues and evidence to inform and guide our annual Activity Work Planning Process, allowing delivery of written and evidenced based initiatives in Activity Work Plans by February annually. 

  1. Research phase
    Supported by a local academic partner, and incorporating data analysis, literature review, and the qualitative analysis of data collected in the consultation phase (NAG pp7-8, 11-17).
  2. Consultation phase
    Supported by a stakeholder engagement partner, planned to incorporate public events in our local communities, along with consultations with health professionals, providers, funders and other stakeholders (NAG pp8-10).
  3. Validation phase
    Including feedback closure for consulted communities and interest groups, the use of an online feedback platform, and the involvement of our Clinical Councils and Community Advisory Committees (NAG pp18-19).
  4. Assessment and design phase
    Co-design activity, and the initiation of longer term community-based health innovation approaches (NAG p22).

On completion of the phases above a comprehensive Health Needs Assessment is finalised as required by our contract with the Department of Health, due in November each year.

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