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Strategic Direction

Overarching Strategies 2017-2020

Our charter, as directed by the Federal Government, is to ensure that all people living in our region, especially marginalised or vulnerable groups, have access to responsive, integrated and high quality primary health services.


Broaden the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN membership structure to enhance our opportunities to advance service integration to improve consumer and patient experience.


Create a Regional Health Alliance to support transformation and integration of our health, planning and social systems by collaborating, co-designing and co-commissioning interventions to improve access and outcomes for patients.


Develop an Engagement Strategy that focuses on partnering our key stakeholders to inform, consult and collaborate and transparently communicate opportunities and outcomes broadly.


Undertake rigorous consultation with our key stakeholders to understand local health needs and appropriately align with the 6 Commonwealth priorities to support the delivery of services in our region.


Establish and implement effective governance and assurance frameworks to confirm all activities are effective and transparent.


A robust clinical standard and evaluation framework is implemented to ensure commissioning and program delivery, is delivered to appropriate standards and evaluated to ensure meets needs of communities.


Use co-design and collaboration models to drive locally led and evidence based funding decisions executed through a robust Commissioning Framework.



Ensure effective assurance, compliance and data management systems are developed to support the operational aspects of our business performance.


Undertake active collection and analysis of data and information, to identify health needs and inform co-design and commissioning opportunities.


Build and empower a courageous, respectful and effective team, who passionately work to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health services  and Improve coordination of care to patients.

Get Involved

Collaboration is at the heart of the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN. We encourage you to contact us, to talk about your ideas for Integrated Primary Health Care in your community: send us a message. 

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