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Strategic Direction

Overarching Strategies 2018-2020

Our charter, as directed by the Federal Government, is to ensure that all people living in our region, especially marginalised or vulnerable groups, have access to responsive, integrated and high quality primary health services.


Making a difference by building healthier communities through a connected, responsive and sustainable primary healthcare system. 


We work to understand the primary health care needs of our communities and, with our partners, we support an integrated primary care system that delivers better health outcomes for the people of the Darling Downs and West Moreton communities.


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  • Understand the health needs of our communities
  • Commission services to address health needs, particularly for vulnerable people
  • Collaborate with and strengthen relationships with all stakeholders who can contribute to better outcomes
  • Maximise available resources for maximum outcome
  • Champion clinical and consumer leadership to inform models of care and approaches




  • Continued roll out of evidence-based health pathways
  • Collecting and reporting data for continuous improvement and performance tracking
  • Drive informed use of digital health
  • Strengthen integrated care governance structures and systems
  • Improve service efficiencies and business processes through program evaluation and consumer feedback




  • Improved health literacy for consumers to better self-manage and prevent poor health outcomes
  • Understand localised social determinants of health and work with stakeholders to address issues
  • Build health workforce capability through professional development opportunities
  • Increase clinical and staff satisfaction through a culture of results-based accountability and supportive and inspirational leadership



2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Click here to download our one-page 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.

Click here to download our full 2018-2020 Strategic Plan. 

Get Involved

Collaboration is at the heart of the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN. We encourage you to contact us, to talk about your ideas for Integrated Primary Health Care in your community: send us a message. 

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