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Clinical Guidelines for Therapeutic Intervention in Eating Disorders

As the largest not-for-profit community-based Eating Disorder service in Queensland, Eating Disorders Qld occupies a unique place within the broader eating disorder service system. The eating disorder treatment system is predominantly based on a medical approach, and being a non-medical, community-based service, EDQ has developed an integrated model of care that fits seamlessly in a Stepped Care model of treatment.
The EDQ Practice Framework, developed by Dr Jenny Gilmore in conjunction with EDQ staff members, underpins the Clinical Guidelines for Therapeutic Interventions in Eating Disorders.

The Guidelines, based on a wealth of clinical experience alongside research and evidence, outline 11 key areas of practice, with each area supported by several key statements that provide detail on how practitioners and services might work alongside clients and their key supports to achieve self-directed recovery from an eating disorder.

In the one-hour video launch, Eating Disorder Qld's CEO Belinda Chelius will provide the rationale for and context of the Guidelines, and Dr Jenny Gilmore will discuss the development, clinical basis, and extensive research that underpins the guidelines. They will then close with a live Q&A session with Dr Jenny Gilmore, moderated by Belinda Chelius.

The Guideline is intended for all health professionals, and health professionals across varied disciplines and settings of practice are encouraged to read and utilise the guideline. You can download a copy (donation requested) from https://eatingdisordersqueensl...

For more information, contact Eating Disorders Queensland.


1:30pm - 2:30pm,
Thursday 1 September 2022


Eating Disorders Queensland

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