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Preterm Birth Prevention Program GP Forum

Clinical Excellence Queensland and The Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Alliance invite Queensland GPs to the Preterm Birth Prevention Program GP Forum. Attendance will be offered as in-person or virtual. The forum is designed to educate GPs in the seven evidence-based strategies of preterm birth prevention:

  • No pregnancy to be ended until at least 39 weeks unless there is obstetric or medical justification.
  • Measurement of the length of the cervix at all mid-pregnancy scans.
  • Use of natural vaginal progesterone (200mg each evening) if the length of cervix is less than 25mm.
  • If the length of the cervix continues to shorten despite progesterone treatment, consider surgical cerclage.
  • Use of vaginal progesterone if prior history of spontaneous preterm birth.
  • Women who smoke should be identified and offered Quitline support.
  • To access continuity of care from a known midwife during pregnancy where possible.

The forum will include case-based discussions and referral pathways for GPs which will support them in becoming preterm birth prevention champions for change.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the National Preterm Birth Prevention Program and the seven evidence-based strategies
  • Partnerships in Stillbirth and Preterm Birth Prevention - 'Timing of Birth is the key'
  • Case studies - managing the pregnancy at risk of a preterm birth, threatened preterm labour and fetal growth restriction
  • Education and evidence for progesterone prescription for women at risk of preterm birth.

Who should attend:

  • Queensland GPs

For more information, contact The Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Alliance.


8:00am - 12:30pm,
Saturday 9 March 2024

Auditorium, RBWH Education Centre, Herston

The Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Alliance

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