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New Sensations Sensory Modulation Workshop

New Sensations is a one day workshop. The workshop will introduce participants to Sensory Modulation and the individual session will adjust these strategies to meet their specific needs.

What is Sensory Modulation?

Sensory Modulation is an evidence based practice which can improve the way people feel or function by using their senses. It can help people to self-regulate when facing challenging moods, emotions, thoughts and feelings, especially when talking or thinking strategies may be difficult. Sensory modulation offers a strengths based approach to support participants to perform important day to day activities and tasks.

Why? What are the benefits?

Learn strategies to:

  • improve mood
  • manage stress
  • feel calm and relaxed
  • feel alert and focused
  • feel more motivated to get things done

Come along to this practical and interactive workshop to build skills, knowledge and confidence in using senses including familiar ones (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch) and the hidden ones (movement and pressure) to manage daily life. Recommendations from the workshop can also be shared with mental health workers and/or carers to assist participants to implement and maintain sensory strategies in their daily lives. Sensory tools will be provided to explore during the group and some small sensory items will be provided to take home as part of a sensory kit.

Who can join?

Workshops are available to all people who:

• may be experiencing mild levels of distress including depression and anxiety

• are not receiving support through the NDIS

• are aged 17 years or over

Please fill out this flyer to register your interest by Thursday 2 April

Send to:
p: 07 3363 2555


9:30am - 3:00pm,
Thursday 9th April 2020

RFQ Toowoomba Office – 17 Freighter Avenue, Wilsonton


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