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Palliative Care and Anticipatory Medicines Workshops (Pharmacist)

The palliative phase of life is often a difficult time for patients, their families, loved ones, carers and treating health professionals. Ensuring that patients receive the best possible care is paramount, with pharmacists well-placed to work collaboratively with GPs to ensure that appropriate evidence-based medicine management is provided, including anticipatory prescribing and optimal end-of-life and terminal care.

palliPHARM, a Queensland Health project, in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and Primary Health Networks, will conduct two-hour CPD accredited workshops throughout Queensland. The workshops aim to upskill pharmacists and GPs to ensure patients receive timely and optimal symptoms management at home.

Workshops will:

  • Equip pharmacists with the knowledge required to support palliative patients in the community including information about the end-of-life journey, understanding of pharmacological management for palliative symptoms and availability of new resources
  • Encourage collaboration between pharmacists and GPs
  • Attract up to four Category 2 CPD points
  • Be facilitated by specialist palliative care staff from Metro South Palliative Care Service

No registration fee to attend


6:30pm - 8:30pm,
Wednesday 12th May 2021



CPD Points Available?

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