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Prolonged Exposure Therapy Training Program and Workshop with Dr Darryl Wade

PE therapy is a highly effective trauma-focussed therapy for PTSD and Complex PTSD.

This experiential training will equip you with effective PE therapy skills that you can immediately put into practice for lasting impacts on your clients’ lives.

Our 3 Day Training Program covers the essentials of PE therapy including trauma and PTSD, effective treatments for PTSD, emotional processing theory, PE therapy rationale and psychoeducation, PE therapy exposure-based learning and processing techniques, and addressing avoidance and other issues when using PE therapy. The program also covers more advanced topics including working with clients with developmental, prolonged or repeated trauma and Complex PTSD.

Our 2 Day Workshop is also available which covers the first two days of the full program and does not include more advanced topics.

Dr Darryl Wade PhD is an internationally recognised trauma expert and Australia’s only accredited PE trainer. Until recently, he held the positions of Head of Practice Improvement and Innovation at Phoenix Australia, and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne.


Monday 17th August 2020

Tuesday 18th August 2020


Darryl Wade

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