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Telehealth Clinical Skills Program

What every doctor needs to know about providing best practice telemedicine.

Available for both members and non-members this is an education and skills development program on how to plan and deliver telehealth services.

Available from December 2023 to June 2024, the course will give you the opportunity to review your knowledge and skills with help and guidance from ACRRM Fellows highly experienced in delivering remote care virtually.

Featuring a live online workshop and exercises to complete in your own time, the program explores consultations with patients, remote GP supervision, assessing patients through nursing and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health staff, and family conferencing.

The online course includes examination of different body systems, showing you how to get the most out of each examination. It will also cover legalities and safety tips along the way, so you can be highly effective while also practising safe telemedicine.

Time Commitment

The program will take up to 6 hours to complete and is broken into the following components.

2 hours: Self-paced online modules 2.5 hours: Review of clinical skills video resources in module 3 1.5 hours: Virtual live interactive workshop with two clinical educators (max 20 people)

Learning Objectives

· Revise the fundamentals of a remote consultation and telehealth services based on best practice for both safety and quality;

· Extend your competencies to support assessment, examination and management of patients through remote consultations;

· Understand the practicalities for doctors and patients in providing and attending remote consultations, including communication with, and examinations using digital technologies;

· Reflect on your current professional practices and processes which support patient care in a virtual care environment;

· Understand and implement correct remote assessment and diagnostic techniques for individual clinical disciplines; and

· Demonstrate and evaluate your capability to provide remote medical care in a live virtual workshop.


6 educational activity hours

For more information, contact ACRRM.


6:00pm - 11:30pm,
Wednesday 13 March 2024

Level 1, 324 Queen Street. Brisbane City 4000


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