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Traffic Lights®: Sexual Behaviours In Children And Young People

Participants in this practical one-day course will gain skills to identify, understand and respond to a broad range of sexual behaviours in children and young people, ranging from behaviours that are typical and developmentally appropriate to those that are harmful or problematic and signal the need for follow up and support.

Sexual behaviours may be expressed in a variety of ways and may include talk, touch, questions, conversation and interests which relate to sexuality and relationships, and can take place both online and offline. When children demonstrate sexual behaviours, it can be difficult to know whether it is a typical and developmentally appropriate aspect of development or if it is something to be concerned about. It can also be difficult to understand why the behaviours might be happening, and the most effective way to respond.

Some sexual behaviours can increase vulnerability, or cause harm to others, and adults have a responsibility to take action to provide support and protection.

Course aims
The way adults interpret sexual behaviours affects how they respond to, support and protect children and young people. This training will help participants to:

  • Understand sexual development as a typical aspect of childhood and adolescence
  • Use Traffic Lights® to identify the characteristics of healthy sexual behaviours as well as those which are concerning, problematic or harmful
  • Ask pertinent questions to understand why behaviours are occurring
  • Develop practical response strategies guided by the needs of those involved
  • Apply best practice approaches to responding to sexual risk, sexual abuse disclosure or signs of sexual abuse
  • Promote healthy sexual development within their workplace

9:30am - 4:30pm,
Tuesday 2nd March 2021


True relationships & reproductive health

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