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Viral Hepatitis Webinar: HBV/HCV Co-infection Case Discussion

When: 7:00pm - 8:00pm Wednesday, 15th May 2019

Where: Online

Organiser: ASHM

Approximately 5% of Australians living with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) are estimated to have hepatitis C (HCV) co-infection. Patients with co-infection experience more severe liver disease progression and higher mortality rates compared to those with mono-infection. This case study webinar will outline the appropriate screening, treatment, monitoring and management considerations for a patient with HBV/HCV co-infection.

This one-hour case study webinar is targeted towards health professionals who see patients with HCV and HBV and have some prior knowledge of viral hepatitis management.

Learning outcomes: 
  • Screen all patients with viral hepatitis for HBV and HCV and implement appropriate follow up of results 
  • Discuss the benefits of new HCV treatments and identify which patients with CHB require treatment
  • Describe the initial assessment required for patients with HBV/HCV co-infection
  • Describe key management, monitoring and treatment considerations for patients with HBV/HCV co-infection
  • Discuss the risk of HBV reactivation during HCV direct acting antiviral treatment

This highly informative webinar will be presented by Dr Andrew Redmond, Infectious Diseases Physician, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

HBV prescribers will be allocated 1 HBV CPD point for participating in this webinar

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