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What really works in smoking cessation: patients (and experts) tell all!

Learn from ex-smokers and experts how you can help patients successfully quit smoking

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The proportion of daily smokers in Australia declined in the last 10 years, but recently, daily smoking remained relatively stable, and the proportion of smokers who succeeded in giving up smoking for at least a month in 12 months decreased. General practitioners have limited consultation time and may not be familiar with the newly published recommendations on smoking cessation. Practice nurses, pharmacists and other primary care providers are not confident in their roles in smoking cessation and skills in counselling. They need a stronger knowledge of the guidelines and an understanding of the evidence that advice from HCPs is effective in encouraging smoking cessation.

Learn from experts

  • How they use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
  • Troubleshoot problems with patches and pill
  • How and when to use NRT during pregnancy
  • What the guidelines recommend about vaping
  • 150 smokers and ex-smokers were asked "What didn't help you quit?

Learn from patients

"Scare tactics. Smoking relieves stress. Telling people they're going to die or get cancer or emphysema only makes them want to smoke more..." -- [Australian ex-smoker age:50s; quit 5­–10 years ago]

The overall goal of our educational activity is to update the primary care providers’ knowledge on the new smoking cessation recommendations around advice-based support and best practice in pharmacotherapy and discuss strategies to increase success rates of quit attempts. This webinar aims to improve learners’ knowledge and competence in advising their patients about smoking cessation and in recommending best practice in pharmacotherapy. Target learners of this activity are GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists, as well as staff nurses, case workers and counsellors of community alcohol and drug treatment centres.

Here’s what some of our participants at the LIVE event in December said!

  • “One of the most useful webinars I have attended this year” - GP in Burleigh Waters, QLD
  • “The webinar was very informative and relevant” – Nurse in Doncaster East, VIC
  • “Wonderful webinar, I learnt a lot and loved the way it was presented and made accessible to all due to the online module” – Pharmacist in Lobethal, SA

Friday 1st January 2021

Wednesday 30th June 2021


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affecting Health Care practitioners in the Darling Downs and West Moreton Regions: