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Working with Young People - Self Harm / Self Injury Behaviours

Working with Young People - Self Harm / Self Injury Behaviours

This workshop utilises the latest research to better equip workers with young people and will provide answers applicable to your day-to-day work. The workshop gives practical easy to implement strategies. The two workshops build upon each other as resilient young people are less likely to self-harm.

What participants will gain from this part of the workshop? - Self Harm

• Understand differences and links between self harm / injury and suicidal behaviour.

• Identifying those most at risk of self harm / injury.

• Risk factors for self harm / injury behaviour.

• Protective factors for self harm / injury behaviour.

• Strategies to address self harming / injury behaviour - short / long term.

• A clear understanding of resilience

• What are the key components of resilience?

• Identifying ways of operating that may build resilience

• How to build a Resilience Program - practical and easy strategies

Cost: $220 - Inc. GST Full Time Students $180 - Inc. GST

All inquiries can be directed to Garry King on email or call 0412145934

The Presenter

Garry King has extensive experience with working with young people encountering the issues of self harm and suicidal behaviour. This experience is the result of having worked as a teacher, youth worker and counsellor and complimented by degrees in welfare and education as well as masters degrees in counselling and suicidology. He has worked as the youth welfare consultant for the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention. He was appointed an adjunct lecturer, youth welfare at the Central Qld University and is the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship to the USA. Garry has written a number of books on youth welfare and is a speaker at national conferences. He is a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention. Garry is an invited author for the 2015 School Social Work USA. Garry presented at the 2016 International Society for the Study of Self Injury Conference in the USA. Garry is an invited presenter at the 2018 World Summit on Positive Psychology, mindfulness & Psychotherapy.


9:00am - 4:00pm,
Friday 27th March 2020

East Creek Community Centre, 43 Kitchener Street, Toowoomba

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