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Wound Assessment from a Distance

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis more and more we will not be able to treat our wound patients directly and are forced to use telehealth, if available, or the patients digital pad or mobile phone in order to help us treat our patients. This creates a number of difficulties in assessing the patient and the wound to enable an accurate diagnosis and thus an appropriate management strategy.

The main issues to be considered are the wound type, wound position, wound shape, the level and type of exudate, any comorbidities, medication being used, nutritional state and any known investigations.

The most critical is for the clinician to have developed an ability to not just look at a wound but to observe in depth every aspect of the wound and the patient. When instructing the patient or their family or carers remember to use the KISS principle in that way you have the best potential for the correct use of products. You can reinforce the advice by texting your instructions to them.

Speaker: Associate Professor Geoff Sussman - OAM JP FPS FACP FAIPM FAWMA FRVAHJ

Cost for attending the Webinar: $19

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6:00pm - 7:30pm,
Wednesday 27th May 2020


Wounds Australia

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