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Clinical Deterioration in the Older Adult

This webinar will discuss the full scope of ‘Clinical Deterioration in the Older Adult’ and explore how good clinical assessment, conventional care planning, and communication can optimise individuals’ health and quality of life. Case studies will bring a real-life perspective to the session.

Based on ABS figures, over 74.9 % of people over 65 years of age have one or more chronic health conditions with prevalence increasing with age. Managing symptoms associated with these conditions is crucial to maintaining optimal health and quality of life. Unmanaged health conditions place the older adult at greater risk of acute clinical deterioration and an inadvertent emergency department presentation.

The Accreditation Standards focus on the importance of identifying clinical risk and chronic conditions, assessment, and the importance of developing treatment plans to manage acute exacerbation of chronic conditions. Just as importantly they focus on person-centred care, skilled and competent workforce and person’s goals and preferences, all of which will be discussed in more detail throughout the webinar.

Outline / Objectives:

The primary objective of this presentation is to improve outcomes of older adults through knowledge sharing and empowering staff to better manage their complex health care needs. The presentation will cover:

​Definition of clinical deterioration

  • Identifying acute conditions vs advanced chronic conditions
  • Management of symptoms associated with common advanced chronic conditions
  • Person's goals and preferences
  • Clinical assessment
  • Case studies
  • Developing individual clinical treatment/management plan
  • Communication and ISBAR handover
  • Provision of a Clinical Deterioration Framework
  • Reflective practice: How can you translate this information to your consumers?

Target Audience: RNs, ENs, NUMs, DONs, Education Managers, Clinical Coordinators, CNCs etc working in Residential / Community Aged Care services as well as other interested Health Professionals, Managers etc

For more information, contact Aged and Health Care Education.


9:30am - 12:30pm,
Wednesday 10 May 2023


Aged and Health Care Education

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