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Provider Connect Australia (PCA)

Learn more about Provider Connect Australia (PCA) and how it can provide time savings for your practice.

What is Provider Connect Australia?

Provider Connect Australia (PCA) is a service operated by the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA).

PCA allows you to update all of your business partners at once, in one place. When your organisation signs up for PCA, it means only a single master copy of the healthcare provider organisation’s details needs to be maintained, with chosen business partners automatically updated whenever any details change. This saves time, reduces human error and removes the hassle of filling out multiple forms.

Your business partners may include the National Health Services Directory, secure messaging providers or your local Primary Health Network (PHN).

PCA in Practice:

Learn how PCA has helped Laidley Family Doctors:

How does it work?

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The benefits of being signed up for PCA include:

  • Streamlined updates: a single platform to update business and service information, reducing the need for multiple updates across different systems.
  • Reduced duplication: minimises repetitive processes by providing a centralised information update system.
  • Consistent information: ensures up-to-date and consistent information about healthcare services and practitioners across various stakeholders.
  • Improved communication: enhances communication with funders, health service directories, and other key partners.
  • Increased efficiency: saves time and resources, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care.
  • Enhanced accuracy: maintains the accuracy of healthcare service and practitioner information, which is crucial for patient care and service delivery.

How to register

There are four main steps to register for Provider Connect Australia. Follow the below steps.

  1. Familarise yourself with the pre-registration checklist
  2. Register your organization
  3. Set up you organization
  4. Maintain organisation details

Your feedback is important for the continuous improvement of the PCA system. After completing the registration and setup please email your feedback to

Need support?

Australian Digital Health Agency Help Centre

P: 1300 901 001

Services Australia

P: 1800 700 199

Need PHN support?

Our Primary Care Liaison team is available to provide one-on-one support.