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Some pathology laboratories like Sullivan and Nicolaides (S&N) Pathology can send pathology report to patients’ My Health Record when they receive an eOrder, also known as an eRequest from practice software.

GPs can see results straight away and have a seven-day window before patients can access results in their My Health Record.

How does it work?

Requesting GP must send an eOrder electronically using practice software such as Best Practice (Lava SP3 and later) or Medical Director (3.17.2 and later). The patient can present at any S&N collection centre where their form is recalled, and the pathology testing undertaken. The patient has a choice to take the referral form to any pathology provider in Queensland.

What does my practice need to do?

Each GP at the practice has this functionality enabled in their software. The practice has to complete this form and email to Alternatively please call S&N directly on 07 3318 7409.

If your practice requires further assistance please contact your S&N dedicated Medical Liaison Manager on 1300 767 284.

Need support?

Our Primary Care Liaison team is available to provide one-on-one support.

P: 07 4615 0900

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