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Cultural safety

Our PHN works with practices to improve the health and healthcare experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We encourage all practices to engage with Cultural Awareness Training to ensure good intentions are translated into culturally safe health care.

Every two years, our PHN provides free Cultural Awareness Training to practices in the region for up to two staff per practice. If this is of interest to your practice, please reach out to us at

We also provide free training and support via phone, email or practice visit on the following topics:

  • Integrated Team Care (ITC) Program
  • MNS 715 Health Check
  • CTG PBS Co-Payment
  • Practice Incentive Program (PIP) Indigenous Health Incentive (IHI)
  • Close the Gap Initiative

Online training and other resources:

Need PHN support?

Our Primary Care Liaison team is available to provide one-on-one support.