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Is your practice disaster ready?

The importance of being ready for times of disaster has been demonstrated throughout the recent years of fires, COVID-19 and floods. During these times, general practices are fundamental in responding to the immediate needs of the community.


Preparation is key when it comes to disasters.

SMS Emergency Alerts from the PHN

We offer an emergency alert service to local practices. SMS Emergency Alerts are a free, fast, and reliable way to stay informed about public health notifications and critical information during disasters and emergencies.

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Emergency Response Planning Tool (ERPT)

The ERPT is a RACGP-recommended disaster preparedness tool that provides a tailored emergency response plan for your practice in the scenario of a natural disaster, pandemic, or other emergency. Maintaining an up-to-date emergency plan will help keep your staff and patients safe and reduce the risk of financial losses to your practice.

Implementation of this tool will allow your practice to meet the relevant criterion in RACGP’s Standards for general practice 5th edition.

The PHN will reimburse the full annual cost of $385 +GST. For reimbursement, please provide your ERPT invoice to

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We actively communicate with practices during disasters than have the potential to impact the delivery of care.

Here are some things to consider doing in a disaster:

  • Communicate changes in open hours, GP availability or access to your patients. Telehealth may be an alternative option where access is limited.
  • Communicate information about your closure or capacity to support additional patients with the PHN.
  • Follow alerts and warning updates:

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General practices play an essential role in supporting communities to recover from the physical and mental health impacts following a disaster. The mental health toll of a disaster may take months to emerge.

Find support for your patients:

Support for health providers:

Need PHN support?

Our Primary Care Liaison team is available to provide one-on-one support.