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Practice Incentives Program

Supporting general practices to continue providing quality health care, enhance capacity and improve access for their patients.

The program is administered by Services Australia on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care. To participate in the PIP, practices must meet the PIP eligibility requirements and apply for approval.

Current incentives

PIP Quality Stream

  • Indigenous Health Incentive (IHI) to support general practices and Indigenous Health services to provide better health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, including best practice management of chronic disease.
  • Quality Improvement Incentive (QI – PIPQI) is a payment to general practices that participate in quality improvement to improve patient outcomes and deliver best practice care.

PIP Capacity Stream

  • After Hours Incentive to support general practices to provide their patients with appropriate access to after hours care.
  • eHealth Incentive (ePIP) encourages practices to keep up to date with digital health and adopt new digital health technology as it becomes available.
  • Teaching Payment to encourage practices to provide teaching sessions to undergraduate and graduate medical students preparing to enter the Australian medical profession.
  • General Practitioner Aged Care Access to encourage general practitioners (GPs) to provide increased and continuing services in Commonwealth funded Residential Aged Care Facilities.

PIP Rural Stream

  • Rural Loading Incentive recognizes the difficulties of providing care, often with little professional support, in rural and remote areas.
  • Procedural GP Payment to encourage GPs to provide procedural services in rural and remote locations.

PIPFit Tool

With the PIPFit tool, you can answer four easy questions that will help determine what incentives your practice may quality for.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This information is a guide only and subject to change without notice. Please refer to the PIP guidelines on Services Australia website.

What do I need to do to be eligible?

To be eligible to participate in the PIP, you must be:

  • a general practice
  • an Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS)
  • an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS).

Your organisation must:

  • be a general practice as defined by the RACGP
  • meet the PIP definition of an open practice (where on or more registered medical practitioners provide face-to-face medical or health services to patients at a physical location)
  • maintain at least $10 million in public liability insurance cover for the main location and each additional practice locations. Legal liability is not public liability
  • make sure all general practitioners and nurse practitioners have the required professional indemnity insurance cover as set out by their respective National Board’s Registration standard: Professional indemnity insurance arrangements
  • be accredited, or registered for accreditation, as a general practice against the RACGP Standards for general practices (the Standards). Accreditation must:
    • cover the entire quarter the practice is applying in
    • continue to be maintained
    • if registered for accreditation, be accredited against the RACGP Standards within 12 months of joining the PIP. This is irrespective of any extensions given on the registered for accreditation certificate.

Visit our accreditation page for more information

How can I apply for the PIP program?

The easiest way to apply is through the Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) portal.

How do I register for Provider Digital Access (PRODA) and link it to Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS)?

Register for Provider Digital Access (PRODA) to access Health Professionals Online Service (HPOS). PRODA is an identity verification and authentication system used to access government online services.

Health professionals and their delegated users, such as practice staff can access HPOS with their username, password and verification code after registering for a PRODA account.

Who do I contact if I want more information about the PIP Program?

Contact Services Australia PIP enquiry line on 1800 222 032.
Visit the Services Australia website

How does my practice get accredited?

When are incentives paid?

PIP payments are made quarterly. Practices need to ensure they opt out of individual payment quarters online by the point-in-time date when they determine they won’t meet the requirements. The point in time date correspondents to the last day of the month before next PIP quarterly payment.

Quarterly payment month

Quarterly payment period

Point in time assessment eligibility

SWPE value reference period


1 November to 31 January

31 January

1 October to 30 September


1 February to 30 April

30 April

1 January to 31 December


1 May to 31 July

31 July

1 April to 31 March


1 August to 31 October

31 October

1 July to 30 June

Is your practice located in Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Area 3-7 location?

A locator map to identify a medical practice's Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Area (RRMA) location is available at the DoctorConnect website.

Where do I find my PIP ID?

When you apply to participate in the PIP Program your organisation receives a Practice Incentive Program ID (PIP ID). You can find your PIP ID by logging into your HPOS or you may have received a letter from Services Australia. You can always contact the PIP enquiry line for any support.

What is a Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent (SWPE)?

The SWPE is a measure of practice size. The SWPE value is based on Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) billed care provided by all general practitioners in a practice.

The SWPE table may provide some guideline on the payments available, based on the practice SWPE.


Payment per quarter

Payment per annum































Where do I find out what my practice SWPE is?

Login into your HPOS to see what your current SWPE is for your practice. If you need help finding out your practice SWPE please contact PIP enquiry line.

How do I withdraw from the PIP?

Your practice can withdraw from the PIP online through HPOS.

What information does my practice need to provide to the PHN for the purpose of PIP Quality Improvement (PIPQI)?

Your practice needs to:

  • provide your PIP ID (this can be obtained through HPOS or by calling the PIP helpline)
  • discuss your data sharing approach with our Primary Care Liaison Team to ensure compliance.

visit our Quality Improvement page for more information

Need PHN support?

Our Primary Care Liaison team is available to provide one-on-one support.