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Telehealth allows health care providers to connect more easily with their patients and provide care through telephone or video consultations. 

Telehealth involves using different technologies such as phone, video or remote monitoring devices to access healthcare services remotely.

Using telehealth has many benefits for health providers:

  • Improved access: enables health care providers to reach patients in remote or rural areas.
  • Efficiency: reduces travel time and costs for both patients and providers.
  • Flexibility: offers a more flexible approach to scheduling and managing appointments.
  • Resource optimisation: helps in better utilisation of health care resources and specialists’ time.
  • Patient engagement: enhances patient engagement and satisfaction by providing convenient access to health care.
  • Continuity of care: facilitates continuity of care for patients with chronic conditions or mobility issues.
  • Professional collaboration: enables easier collaboration among healthcare professionals, improving multidisciplinary care.

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healthdirect Video Call

Healthdirect Video Call is a secure telehealth platform designed specifically for health care providers. It allows health care providers to conduct secure video consultations with their patients; including GPs, specialists, allied health professionals and residential aged care homes,

Video Call provides a single consistent entry point on the service’s webpage for all patients (link to waiting room is emailed and sent via SMS), where they enter an online waiting area for their appointment.

Video Call offers:

  • Security and privacy: the platform is designed to meet Australian clinical and data security standards, ensuring patient privacy is maintained during video consultations.
  • Ease of access: patients can access the service through a link sent via email or SMS, which directs them to an online waiting area for their appointment. This simplifies the process of connecting patients with their health care providers.
  • Government support: the platform is often complimentary for health care providers, especially in specific programs or regions, as part of the Australian Government's commitment to enhancing telehealth services.
  • User-friendly interface: the platform is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, catering to both health care providers and patients.
  • Document viewing and sharing: viewing and sharing of documents within the platform enhances the consultation experience. This feature allows health care providers and patients to securely share and discuss relevant health documents, test results, or educational materials during a video consultation, contributing to more informed and interactive health care discussions.

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Queensland Health Telehealth Portal

The Queensland Health Telehealth Portal provides an easy, safe and secure way for patients, GPs, specialists and aged care providers within Queensland Health to host consultations via videoconference.

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