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Telehealth allows health care providers to connect with patients and provide care through telephone or video consultations. Any device (phone, tablet or computer) can be used to have a telehealth consultation allowing patients to access care in the comfort of their home.

healthdirect Video Call

Our PHN provides complimentary access to healthdirect Video Call - a secure platform that allows health care providers (including GPs, allied health providers and residential aged care facilities) to offer their services via a video consultation.

Video Call provides a single consistent entry point on the service’s webpage for all patients (link to waiting room is emailed and sent via SMS), where they enter an online waiting area for their appointment.

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We recommend familiarising yourself with the MBS telehealth items and the COVID-19 Temporary MBS Telehealth Services which can be utilised for telehealth consultations.

Queensland Health Telehealth Portal

The Queensland Health Telehealth Portal provides an easy, safe and secure way for patients, GPs, specialists and aged care providers within Queensland Health facilities to host consultations via videoconference.

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To register, contact the Telehealth Support Unit via email

Helpful Links and Resources

We've compiled a list of helpful links and resources for you to access.

For Health Professionals

RACGP Telehealth Resources

If you are a GP are ready to make the move into telehealth find RACGP information here.

Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine

Telehealth is an essential component of effective rural and remote practice, and even more so during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Find a list of resources here.

COVID-19 Temporary MBS Telehealth Services

A number of new temporary MBS telehealth services have been created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 National Health Plan – prescriptions via telehealth – a guide for prescribers

Electronic prescribing is being fast-tracked as part of the National Health Plan for coronavirus (COVID-19). This guide for prescribers outlines the temporary arrangements available now that will help patients receive medicines via telehealth services.

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