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healthdirect Video Call

Our PHN provides complimentary access to healthdirect Video Call - a secure platform that allows health care providers (including GPs, allied health providers and residential aged care facilities) to offer their services via a video consultation.

Video Call provides a single consistent entry point on the service’s webpage for all patients (link to waiting room is emailed and sent via SMS), where they enter an online waiting area for their appointment.

Telehealth and the MBS

The MBS telehealth items and the COVID-19 Temporary MBS Telehealth Services can be utilised for telehealth consultations.

Queensland Health Telehealth Portal

The Queensland Health Telehealth Portal provides an easy, safe and secure way for patients, GPs, specialists and aged care providers within Queensland Health facilities to host consultations via videoconference.

To register, contact the Telehealth Support Unit via email

Need support?

Our Primary Care Liaison team is available to provide one-on-one support.

P: 07 4615 0900

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