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Telehealth Pilot Project

Our PHN has commissioned healthdirect Australia to enable the healthdirect Video Call service in targeted locations across our region. The Telehealth Pilot Project allows GPs, psychologists and social workers to deliver mental health support to patients via video consultation.

healthdirect Video Call has been developed by healthdirect Australia to make it easy for healthcare providers to offer their services via video call, reducing travel, cost and wait times for patients living in rural and remote areas.

What You Need to Know

Things you need to know about the healthdirect Australia telehealth service:

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How It Works

Video consultations are the same as a regular face-to-face appointment, except the healthcare provider joins their patient in a virtual consultation room rather than a physical one.

Patients enter the virtual clinic waiting area via the virtual clinic links below.

Patients are requested to enter their name and contact phone number; this information is only requested for identification purposes and is automatically deleted at the conclusion of the telehealth consultation.

Health professionals log into their practices healthdirect virtual clinic and join the patient in their confidential and secure virtual clinic room.

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To be eligible, the patient must live at least 15kms away from the doctors’ rooms in a council area declared to be in drought or a Modified Monash region 3-7.

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Software Requirements

  • Google Chrome web-browser on a desktop or laptop (Windows or MacOS), or on an android tablet or smartphone
  • Safari web browser on an Apple desktop or laptop (MacOS) or iPad or iPhone of the healthdirect Video App (for Apple users)
  • a device (such as a PC, laptop, iPad or tablet) with camera, microphone and speakers
  • a reliable internet connection
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Bulk Billing

Patients may be eligible to receive a rebate or be bulk billed depending on their individual GPs practice billing arrangement.

Get Support

For more information, please contact:

Renata Danisevska
Digital Health Lead
Phone: 07 3202 4433

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