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eHealth incentive

eHealth Incentive (ePIP) encourages practices to keep up to date with digital health and adopt new digital health technology as it becomes available.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for ePIP practices must fulfil all of the below requirements:

Requirement 1 - Integrating Healthcare Identifiers into Electronic Practice Records

The practice must:

  • obtain a Healthcare Provider Identifier - Organisation (HPI-O) for the practice and store the HPI-O in a compliant software system
  • ensure that each GP within the practice has their Healthcare Provider Identifier - Individual (HPI-I) stored in a compliant clinical software system
  • use a compliant clinical software system to access, retrieve and store verified Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHI) for presenting patients.

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Requirement 2 - Secure Messaging Capability

Practices must have and use a standards-compliant secure messaging capability to electronically transmit and receive clinical messages to and from other healthcare providers and have a written policy in place to encourage its use.

To meet this requirement, practices must have applied for a National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate for Healthcare Provider Organisations or must apply for one within two weeks of receiving an HPI-O.

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Requirement 3 - Data Records and Clinical Coding

Practices must ensure that where clinically relevant, they are working towards recording the majority of diagnoses for active patients electronically, using a medical vocabulary that can be mapped against a nationally recognised disease classification or terminology system. Practices must provide a written policy to this effect to all GPs within the practice.

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Requirement 4 - Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions

Practices must ensure that the majority of their prescriptions are sent electronically to a Prescription Exchange Service (PES). In the electronic transfer of prescriptions process, a prescription is generated by the health practitioner and printed from the local clinical system with a barcode

Contact eRx, the national prescription delivery service provider, to register:

eRx Script Exchange
Phone: 1300 700 921

Requirement 5 - My Health Record system

To meet this requirement, practices must:

  • apply to participate in the My Health Record system upon obtaining an HPI-O
  • use a compliant software for accessing the My Health Record system
  • upload shared health summaries for a minimum of 0.5 per cent of the practice’s SWPE per PIP payment quarter.


Eligible practices may receive a maximum payment of $12,500 per quarter, based on $6.50 per Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent (SWPE) per year.

To be eligible for the ePIP, general practices must:

  • participate in the PIP
  • meet the five (5) requirements for the entire quarter prior to the payment month.

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