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My Health Record

A patient’s My Health Record may currently contain the following types of information:

  • Shared health summary – a clinically reviewed summary prepared by an individual's key healthcare provider;
  • Event summary – to capture key information about a key healthcare event relevant to ongoing care;
  • Discharge summary – to support the transfer of a patient from a hospital back to the care of their nominated primary healthcare provider;
  • Specialist letter – to capture key information about specialist visits;
  • eReferrals or specialist letters – currently from GPs to specialists;
  • Prescription and dispense records;
  • PBS and MBS records;
  • Advanced Care Directive Custodian.

The system enables patients to add Medicare information, edit and create their own personal health summary and health notes.

Training Resources

National E-Health Transition Authority has developed an online training environment for users of Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie, Communicare and ZedMed to practice using the My Health Record with test data. 

Access to On Demand Training can be found here.

Register your practice now!

The National E-Health Transition Authority has launched an automated application tool for healthcare providers looking to register for eHealth services such as the My Health Record. For more information click here.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging supports the secure point-to-point delivery of healthcare messages to a single known receiving organisation. Secure electronic messaging significantly lessens the chance of clinical information being accessed and read by a non-healthcare recipient.

Electronic Medication

Electronic Prescription and Dispense systems or Electronic Transfer of Prescription (eTP) is the process of sharing prescription, prescriber and patient identifier information electronically among the relevant providers.  

ETP occurs when a prescription is generated in a participating provider’s electronic medical record. When a prescription is printed a digital copy of the prescription information is sent to a repository called the prescription exchange service or the PES. The PES then allocates a barcode to access this information that is printed on the paper prescription.  

When the patient presents the paper prescription to the pharmacist, the barcode is scanned and the information is sent directly to the pharmacy dispensing system from the PES without the need to re-enter the information.  This reduces the risks of transcription errors.

There are currently two eTP services available:

  1. eRx Script Exchange
  2. MediSecure


Telehealth services use information and communications technologies to deliver health services and transmit health information. It encompasses diagnosis, treatment, preventive and curative aspects of healthcare services and typically involves patients, care providers or educators in the provision of these services.

Interactive telehealth appointments are real-time communication encounters between a patient and a clinician, delivered via video conference. In this way, the patient and practitioner are able to talk, share images and information as they would in a face-to-face appointment.

These consultations may occur in the patient’s home, a general practice, residential aged care facility, Aboriginal Medical Service or, consulting rooms or other settings.

Access to telehealth services can reduce waiting time, travel time and expense for patients that would otherwise have to travel to see a practitioner. Allowing patients to access treatment closer to their own family and home can help to alleviate anxiety and streamline the patient journey.

For appointments with specialists, a variety of telehealth consultations can be bulk billed, particularly if the patient lives in a rural or regional location.

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