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PHN support

Our General Practice Liaison Officers and Primary Care Liaison Officers have the important role of working collaboratively with general practices, GPs and allied health professionals to implement models of care that reflect best practice in primary healthcare through the use of data driven quality improvement initiatives.

General Practice Liaison Officers

Our General Practice Liaison Officers are local practising GPs, who combine their professional experience with their understanding of the PHN and HHS in order to provide health system support to general practice in areas including:

  • improving care processes in the region between primary care and the HHS/hospital systems
  • contributing towards improving the provision of communication and information sharing between primary care and the HHS/hospitals
  • upskilling registrar's with HHS processes and support improved workforce planning
  • improving partnerships between the hospitals, general practice and primary care providers to ensure patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place
  • supporting in the development and implementation of referral pathways and/or guidelines to minimise outpatient waiting lists
  • providing input into the planning and development of services at a local level to ensure care is integrated across the entire patient journey
  • Health Pathways
  • Maternity Shared Care
  • Children and Young people in Out of Home Care
  • Health assessment templates and billing to MBS and Child Safety for those not eligible for MBS health assessments
  • Referral, clinical handover or discharge summary issues relating to West Moreton or Darling Downs HHS
  • Training/installation of GP Smart Referrals
  • Education needs
Tanusha thumbnail

Dr Tanusha Ramaloo
: Ipswich
: 07 4615 0926
Monday to Friday

Jo thumbnail

Dr Jo Pappas
: Toowoomba
: 0467 724 350
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Primary Care Liaison Officers

Our Primary Care Liaison Officers are available to provide you with one-on-one support across a wide range of initiatives and model of care specific to general practice, including:

  • accreditation
  • workforce recruitment and planning
  • Strengthening Medicare programs, such as MyMedicare
  • digital health
  • quality improvement initiatives

P: 07 4615 0900

Maryellen Muller
Primary Care Liaison Officer
Area: Ipswich and Scenic Rim
: 07 4615 0915

Lee Paul
Primary Care Liaison Officer
Area: Ipswich and Lockyer Valley
P: 07 4615 0948

Jenny Ta
Primary Care Liaison Officer
Area: Ipswich and Surrounds
P: 07 4615 0962

Shannon Reynish
Primary Care Liaison Officer
Area: Ipswich and Somerset region
P: 07 4615 0921

Megan McLean
Primary Care Liaison Officer
Area: South Burnett Region and Crows Nest
: 07 4615 0916

Kirsty Rowe
Primary Care Liaison Officer
Area: Goondiwindi LGA, Dalby LGA and Toowoomba
P: 07 4615 0908

Rebecca Cerqui
Primary Care Liaison Officer
Area: Western Downs and Toowoomba
P: 07 4615 0946

Kate Foran
Primary Care Liaison Officer
Area: Southern Downs and Toowoomba
P: 07 4615 0949

Pactice Support Team

From left to right: Jamie Quinn (Workforce Planning Coordinator), Tony De Ambrosis (Director - Primary Care), Melissa Lansbury (Education Coordinator), Trevor Stephens (Disaster Preparedness Coordinator), Shannon Reynish (Primary Care Liaison Officer), Rebecca Cerqui (Primary Care Liaison Officer), Lee Paul (Primary Care Liaison Officer), Karen Foran (Primary Care , Liaison Officer), Kirsty Rowe (Primary Care Liaison Officer), Megan McLean (Primary Care Liaison Officer), Jenny Ta (Primary Care Liaison Officer), Engela Vermeulen (Primary Care Liaison Officer), Maryellen Muller (Primary Care Liaison Officer), Stewart Gordon (Executive Director - Primary Care and Integration)

Keeping health professionals up-to-date

We encourage all local GPs, allied health professionals and their staff in our region to sign up for our emails and also our SMS alerts.