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Your local HealthPathways portal provides the latest information about COVID-19 workforce management and are regularly updated. Practice managers and GPs are encouraged to check they have access to HealthPathways.

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Ordering PPE bundles

To support the safe management of COVID-19 positive patients the Australian Government is making additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available to general practice. The expanded program provides comprehensive PPE bundles that are intended to support approximately 4 weeks of COVID-19 positive patient consultations per clinical staff member (i.e. 40 patient consultations – 20 patients with 2 consultations each).

PPE bundles including P2/N95 respirators, goggles, full length gowns, gloves, surgical masks, hand sanitiser and pulse oximeters will be made available to all:

  • GPs, ACCHSs and GPRCs willing to treat COVID positive patients face-to-face, until 30 September 2022
  • ACCHSs and rural and remote GPs (Rural and Remote areas is defined as RRMA zones 3-7) willing to treat COVID positive patients virtually and respiratory patients face-to-face, where workforce capacity is limited AND the GP is serving the community for most or all health needs, until 30 September 2022.

In addition, P2/N95 respirators and eye protection will be provided to all:

  • GPs and GPRCs willing to support COVID positive people virtually, and respiratory patients face-to-face, until 30 September 2022.

To order PPE bundles or explore the program in more detail please complete the PPE request form at the below link:

PPE Bundle Request Form

Drs4Drs support

Staffed by senior GPs and experienced counsellors trained in doctors’ health, Drs4Drs is a free medical service for GPs seeking support. An initiative from the Department of Health and Medical Board of Australia to ensure GPs have access to care and support when they need it. This is a 24/7, free and confidential service you can access by calling 1300 Dr4Drs (1300 374 377).

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