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HealthPathways is a web-based portal designed to support clinicians guide their patients through the local public and private health systems.

HealthPathways provides evidence-based information on the assessment and management of a range of clinical conditions – including clear referral guidance for local hospitals, specialists and allied health.

HealthPathways is designed to be used at the point of care by GPs, though may find use by other healthcare professionals.

The content is developed collaboratively by local GPs, hospital clinicians and a wide range of other healthcare professionals.

Learn more about the benefits and view links to our two HealthPathways websites below.

Benefits for healthcare providers

  • improved patient experience through receiving the right referral to the right service without excessive delays
  • improved health outcomes through reduced wait times and reliable treatment guidance presented to clinicians alongside referral options in one place
  • improved clinician experience through greater clarity around the public and private referral options and their criteria
  • reduced costs to healthcare system through more efficient referral triaging, awareness of community treatment options and increased GP confidence to manage certain conditions.

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