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Healthed Webcast: COVID Update

Topics & Presenters

COVID Update – Prof Michael Toole AM

Are we really past the peak? The waves are merging, reinfection patterns have changed, Moderna jab for all children over 6 months & much more.

Monkeypox: Not just an STI. In the USA, it's out of control. In Australia, not enough jabs are currently available.

Allergic and Non-Allergic Rhinitis – Practical Approach for GPs – Dr Jessica Tattersall

Diagnosing and optimally treating allergic rhinitis can make a significant difference to a sufferer's life.

Chronic allergic rhinitis is a common condition that can dramatically affect a person's quality of life. And yet treating it can be a challenge, especially considering the wide variety of treatment options that are out there, including over-the-counter remedies. In this webcast, Sydney allergist, Dr Jessica Tattersall presents the latest evidence and understanding about allergic rhinitis and provides a framework on how best to assess, investigate and manage this often very miserable condition.

Oral Contraception Update – Dr Terri Foran

This presentation will help participants enhance their understanding of the differences between the various oral contraceptive preparations (OCPs) available in Australia. Participants will be able to take an evidence-based approach to both the pros and cons of oral contraceptive pill use, be able to discuss ways that they might tailor an oral contraceptive preparation to the user's particular needs, understand the differences between combined and progestogen-only OCPs and examine the rationale behind the development of the newer oral contraceptive preparations available in Australia and internationally.

The Role of GP in Post Prostate Cancer Care – Prof Henry Woo

While GPs may not often be asked about the mechanics of a radical prostatectomy, they will commonly find themselves managing men who are experiencing the consequences of this surgery.

In this presentation, urologist Professor Henry Woo will help GPs give the most up-to-date and evidence-based advice to their post radical prostatectomy patients, including managing their expectations, effective therapies and realistic time-frames for recovery, especially for the two most common side effects - urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. He will also outline the latest information on androgen deprivation therapy, a very common treatment for advanced prostate cancer which, like surgery, comes with its own risks, benefits and challenges.

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7:00pm - 9:00pm,
Tuesday 16 August 2022



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