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Partners in storytelling: A master class to improve community storytelling and centre the lived experience

The telling of stories can be a powerful tool for the communication of knowledge, and the building of community. It can also be an act of profound vulnerability, and may have impacts that are not immediately apparent. So what can we, as listeners, do to create a safe and supportive environment for young people to tell their stories, and how can we ensure that we share them in a safe and ethical way?

This presentation and Q&A will support advocacy organisations and health consumer advocates to:

  • co-design safer spaces to create and tell consumer stories with respect, sensitivity, and appreciation of people’s lived experiences
  • rethink how to tell stories more powerfully by placing the community at the centre
  • develop processes and strategies to better reach audiences, benefitting consumers and the community.

Two facilitators from Our Race will take participants through the five principles of Transformational Ethical Story Telling (TEST) framework. This introductory presentation and Q&A will allow participants to understand how each principle can be applied and to determine which principles and actions need to be prioritised for each organisation’s Story Telling and community engagement processes. Key questions will be posed to allow participants to navigate the challenges faced when engaging with Story Holders (including young people and community members).

For more information, contact Consumers Health Forum of Australia.


12:00pm - 2:30pm,
Tuesday 17 January 2023


Consumers Health Forum of Australia

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