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The U-Turn Program, presented by Tony Johannsen

This presentation will explore the genesis of the U-Turn Program and provide an overview of the therapeutic frameworks and philosophies that underpin the U-Turn facilitation style and program delivery.

U-Turn is an innovative MBCP-styled program that targets higher-functioning male respondents on IVOs issued from Moorabbin Courts, where AOD was cited as a contributing factor. U-Turn is unique in the MBCP space as it explicitly addresses; AOD use, the gendered drivers and perpetration of male FV, emotional regulation, impacts of violence on children, empathy, communication & personal responsibility.

The initial U-Turn pilots underwent a 24-month evaluation across 4 x programs. It is currently funded by the Department of Health’s AOD portfolio until June 2023. TaskForce has now delivered 11 U-Turn programs to date and is exploring options for expansion.

U-Turn continues to deliver positive outcomes for both participants and AFMs, with program completion rates of 70%-80%. U-Turn is one of the only interventions in Victoria that explicitly combines AOD & FV interventions in a group setting.


  • Develop an understanding of the utility of a combined AOD-FV approach to addressing men’s use of FV where substance use has been a contributing factor.
  • Challenge the traditional MBCP approach of working with men using FV in a siloed service sector.
  • Explore the importance of evidenced-based cognitive-behaviouralist interventions with the scope of MBCPs.
  • Examine the important role AOD clinicians can play in addressing men’s use of FV.

For more information, contact Turning Point.


1:00pm - 2:00pm,
Monday 19 June 2023


Turning Point

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