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Supporting healthy ageing through facilitating early access and connection to community supports.

As you get older, living as independently as possible in your own home and community and having the continued ability to undertake your usual activities of daily living, is extremely important.

Healthy Ageing Support helps connect older people, as early as possible, to the primary care, community and at-home services required so they are able to remain living in their own home for as long as possible.

Healthy Ageing Support is part of the PHN's early intervention initiative informed by the Royal Commission’s recommendations to improve older people’s ability to coordinate the care and services they may need between:

  • primary care services including GPs, Nurses, health care workers, pharmacy, allied and other health professionals
  • Hospital and Health services and the community
  • government and non-government funded community and at-home services (including services accessed via My Aged Care).

Healthy Ageing Support services are provided at no cost to the older person as they are fully funded through our PHN.

Healthy Ageing Support workers are qualified and/or have the relevant experience needed in aged care and health and community services to be able to support you in accessing Healthy Ageing Support. Healthy Ageing Support workers and Providers have an in-depth understanding of their local community and what support and assistance is available for older people.

Accessing Healthy Ageing Support

Your GP, Nurse Navigator, Service Provider or allied and other health professional is able to refer directly to a Healthy Ageing Support Provider. There is no specific assessment required to gain access, and a medical referral is not essential.

You are also able to refer yourself and should contact your nearest Healthy Ageing Support Provider directly for more information.

Who is eligible for Healthy Ageing Support?

An eligible person is aged 65+, or 50+ if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and someone who may have a chronic condition or one or more risk factors associated with the development of a chronic condition, eg. high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

Healthy Ageing Support providers

Goolburri Aboriginal Health

Footprints Community Limited

Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre

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