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Let’s TALK ABOUT The First 2000 Days

April 30, 2024

Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN is once again asking our region to share their experiences with healthcare in their communities.

Until 27 May 2024, we want to TALK ABOUT what you think is working well and what you think could be done better for the health care in the First 2000 Days of life in our region.

The First 2000 Days covers the important window of pregnancy to starting school to influence the long-term health of a child.

We want to hear about your experiences as a parent or professional involved in delivering health care to pregnant people and young children.

Through a short confidential online survey, parents and health professionals can provide feedback on their experience, including barriers to accessing care, by visiting

The PHN have identified supporting healthy mothers and children as a key priority in care across the lifespan, with more than 8,000 pregnancies in a typical year in our region, with 8 in 10 women attending an antenatal appointment.

It is a critical period for development, during which a child’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing matures at a rapid rate. This is a time to establish the foundations for a healthy and resilient future.

Recognising its importance, there's a growing emphasis on prevention and investing in the early years of life. This is reflected in the amount of work already underway in Queensland and nationally to support families to give their children a strong start in life.

Focusing on the key priorities during this time can have an enormous impact on the health and potential of our community, our health system sustainability and health outcomes for a lifetime.

Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN CEO Lucille Chalmers emphasised the enormous impact of early health care on our community.

“Having access to the right health care in the first years of life is fundamental to a child’s physical, social and mental development,” said Ms Chalmers.

The Darling Downs and West Moreton is a fast-growing region with a high fertility rate of 2.2 babies born per woman, compared to the national rate of 1.7.

“We are working with the community and our partners in the health system to make sure every family in our region can set their children on the path to a healthy life.”

This TALK ABOUT topic will support the PHN’s understanding of service gaps, affordability, and accessibility from a community perspective.

“We want to hear first-hand what is working well, and what can be done to make things better,” said Ms Chalmers.

Feedback received through the TALK ABOUT campaign will be used to inform the PHN’s Health Needs Assessment (HNA). The HNA identifies and informs priorities and opportunities for the region by bringing together information from the community, health services and workforce.

Please be aware that the following survey covers topics of fertility, birth, and pregnancy and child loss. If you need support to discuss any of the themes mentioned in this survey, please contact PANDA on 1300 726 306.

The short confidential online survey is currently open and will close at midnight on Monday, 27 May 2024. To complete the survey, visit