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May: QI Activity

Health Topic: Kidney Health

Kidney Health Week runs from 11 - 17 May, 2024

  • 1 in 6 hospitalisations are kidney disease related.
  • Waiting for symptoms to appear is too late – you can lose 90% of kidney function without experiencing any symptoms

This year the hope is reach the 1.8 million Australians who are unaware they live with kidney disease. Due to the largely symptomless nature of kidney disease at its early stages, raising awareness about early detection will help find, diagnose and treat people before they reach the devastating reality of kidney failure.

QI Measures

The following QI measures are relevant for patients who have or potentially have renal disease related symptoms or issues:

1. Proportion of patients with diabetes with a current HbA1c result

8. Proportion of patients with the necessary risk factors assessed to enable CVD assessment

10. Proportion of patients with diabetes with a blood pressure result.

[what do these link to? what additional information can we offer?]

QI toolkit activity

  • Ensure any patients with a Renal Disease Chronic Disease Plan have up to date Blood Pressure results. [Do we offer steps or templates to use in MD and BP to find and recall these patients?]
  • Print out posters and put them up in your waiting room to remind patients to have a conversation about kidney health when they see the GP
  • Share some of the Kidney Health Australia social tiles through your practice's social media as a prompt for your patients to take the online kidney risk test

Further resources

More information and resources to support you this month:
[note other resources can include relevant links to podcasts, TALK ABOUT research, news stories, commissioned services, etc...]

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