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COVID Update – A/Prof Nick Wood

Hear what's new in the ever-changing COVID landscape from one of Australia's leading experts. Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest information on the COVID pandemic. A/Prof Nick Wood will present the latest developments in terms of the illness and its prevention including information on boosters, and what is new in terms of COVID-19 treatment.

Triple Therapy in Asthma: When, What, How and Who – Dr Andrew Scroop
What is triple therapy, when should it be used and in whom?

Triple therapy appears to be the latest buzz word in asthma management, but its indications are very specific and clinicians need to know where and when it should be used for maximum effectiveness. Respiratory physician, Dr Andrew Scroop, in this talk, will put the role of triple therapy in asthma in perspective as well as provide a precis of the evidence supporting its use and a practical outline of how this therapy should be introduced, and most importantly when.

The GPs Role in Improving AF Management – Prof Andrew Sindone
Atrial fibrillation: a golden opportunity to prevent stroke.

Detecting atrial fibrillation and commencing anticoagulation therapy is our greatest weapon in preventing stroke. And yet people with this arrhythmia are still going undiagnosed and untreated. Professor Andrew Sindone presents the latest evidence of the incidence and prevalence of both AF and stroke, and gives the reasons why the vast majority of AF patients can safely be put on preventive therapy to optimise their chances of a stroke-free future.

Dairy Intolerance – Fact and Fiction – Joanna Baker
How to assess and manage the patient who gets symptoms when they consume dairy.

Lactose intolerance, lactose maldigestion, cows milk allergy and dairy intolerance - it all becomes a bit of a challenge doesn't it? But with statistics showing lactose intolerance being the most common food intolerance in Australia today, clinicians need to know how to assess, investigate and manage these conditions.

In this presentation, dietitian Joanne Baker will provide a logical and practical framework for working through the diagnosing and managing of patients with dairy-related GI symptoms, including really helpful tips on what an appropriate and effective reduced-lactose diet might look like.

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6:00pm - 8:00pm,
Tuesday 22 November 2022



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