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COVID Update – A/Prof Nigel Crawford

Hear the latest information on COVID from an Australian expert.

As every practising GP in Australia will know, the COVID epidemic is far from over. And while we no longer have lockdowns, QR check-ins or mandatory testing, the virus still represents a significant burden on our community, and on primary care in particular. GPs still need to be up-to-date on the latest variants, the morbidity associated with these variants as well as new vaccines, treatments and therapies. Don't miss the opportunity to update your COVID knowledge and stay ahead of the curve.

Stimulant Meds for ADHD – Impacts on Growth & Nutrition – Lauren Gladman and Dr Paul Joshua

We need to ensure children on ADHD medications do not experience any negative consequences from the drugs' potential impact on appetite and growth.

While the diagnosis and initiation of treatment of ADHD in children may not be the remit of GPs, the management of these children's general health most certainly is. In this talk, paediatrician Dr Paul Joshua outlines some of the ongoing health issues associated with some ADHD medications, especially the effects on growth and nutrition. He then, with the help of dietitian, Ms Lauren Gladman, will provide advice on how GPs might monitor and manage children on ADHD medications to ensure optimal physical health outcomes as well as psychological health outcomes.

Arrhythmia in GP – How to Assess and When to Worry? – Dr David O’Donnell

There are several factors that can cause people to experience palpitations, and often when patients present with symptoms, it can be difficult to determine the root cause without further assessment. What should the primary care approach be for patients experiencing palpitations? How should you assess patients for potential arrhythmias? In this presentation, electrophysiologist, Dr David O’Donnell will provide guidance on how to approach arrhythmias in general practice.

Pancreatic Cancer Management Overview for GP – Dr David Yeo

Pancreatic cancer remains one of Australia's deadliest malignancies but advances have been made in understanding who is at risk as well as new management options.

Pancreatic cancer is Australia's third leading cause of cancer death, and the incidence of this deadly cancer is actually increasing among 40-year-olds. Sydney surgeon, Dr David Yeo will, in this talk, present the latest understanding in terms of who is most at-risk and how best to detect pancreatic cancer early - which is still the only chance we have of effecting a cure. He will also present the latest in therapeutic options, most commonly used as palliative treatments but important for the patient's quality of life.

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6:00pm - 8:00pm,
Tuesday 21 March 2023



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