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Threatened Miscarriage & Early Pregnancy Bleeding – The Role of the GP – Dr Anneliese Perkins

One in four pregnant women experience early pregnancy bleeding2 (also known as threatened miscarriage), with initial presentation often occurring in general practice.1 New research has determined that micronised vaginal progesterone has been shown to reduce the risk of miscarriage in women with early pregnancy bleeding and a history of previous miscarriages3. In this talk, hear the latest evidence on the role of progesterone including the when, why, how and for whom?
Obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Annaliese Perkins will present the current recommendations for the treatment and management of women who present with early pregnancy bleeding, including an update on preterm birth.

References. 1. Breeze C. Aus Fam Phys 2016;45(5):283–86. 2. Victoria State Government, Department of Health, Better Health Channel. Pregnancy – bleeding problems. Available at Accessed January 2023. 3. Utrogestan® (micronised progesterone) Product Information, updated 22 February 2022.

Is it Menopause or Is it Depression? – Dr Rosie Worsley

Depressive symptoms can be exacerbated by, and sometimes mistaken for menopausal symptoms and vice versa. The interaction between fluctuating levels of reproductive hormones and mental health is complex and important to take into account when clinically assessing the depressed woman of menopausal age. Dr Rosie Worsley will cover her clinical perspective on this issue and provide practical advice.

NSAIDs – Using Current Evidence for More Effective and Safer Outcome – Joyce McSwan

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories are viewed with some degree of wariness by prescribing clinicians these days.
On the one hand, there is abundant evidence of their effectiveness for many acute and chronic musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions. But then, there are also the warnings about gastrointestinal bleeding, cardiovascular and respiratory effects, and risks in pregnancy. In this very practical talk, pain expert Joyce McSwan puts NSAIDs in perspective - effectiveness, safety and the difference between the different formulations including the topical treatments.

Demystifying Milks – Dairy, Non-Dairy, Plant Milks Compared – Dr Emma Beckett

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to milk these days.
But with choice, comes challenges. How do the different milks compare in terms of nutrients, additives, processing, and health benefits? Why would you recommend one milk over another? And what, if any, are the risks and benefits of long-term consumption of different milk options? In this talk, nutritionist Dr Emma Beckett will demystify the current smorgasbord of milks and help sort out fact from fiction.

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7:00pm - 9:00pm,
Tuesday 8 August 2023



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