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Music: Aged Care’s Neuro-superfood

Introduction / Overview:

Music can regulate mood, emotions, and behaviour; improve speech output, cognitive & physical functioning; and enhance social connectedness - it’s a powerful neuro-superfood! In this webinar a Registered & Neurologic Music Therapist will introduce key theories and music therapy principles to ensure you understand how, why, when and what music to use as a health & wellbeing tool. Experiential learning will deepen your skills and confidence to design & facilitate evidence-based music engagement sessions for groups and individuals.

Outline / Objectives:

  • differentiate healthy and unhealthy use of music;
  • understand and purposefully employ the psychological mechanisms that drive emotional responses to music;
  • apply key theories to use music as an emotional co-regulation strategy;
  • identify personally meaningful music using the reminiscence bump;
  • recognise the signs of cognitive overload and use music (and silence) to mitigate overwhelm; and
  • translate theory into practice to design meaningful and evidence-based music engagement sessions for groups and individuals.

Target Audience: DTs, Leisure/ Lifestyle staff, Managers, Nurses & other interested Health Professionals/staff working in Aged Care Services.

Your registration fee includes: Pre-reading material, Comprehensive Webinar Notes, Post event resources, Certificate of Attendance

For more information, contact Aged Care and Health Education.


9:30am - 12:30pm,
Wednesday 31 August 2022


Aged Care and Health Education

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