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My health for life (MH4L) is a free behaviour change program designed for people at high risk of developing a chronic disease and shows participants that making small lifestyle changes can have major health benefits.

The MH4L program works in partnership with GPs and other clinical services to provide patients with the opportunity to participate in an evidence-based lifestyle modification program in their local community. Facilitators are trained health professionals, including dietitians and exercise physiologists, who have a keen interest in preventive health.

76% of participants join the program based on a referral from a GP or nurse (see referral forms below).

Find out how your health is tracking through the My Health for Life online health check.


The program is for people who disclose a chronic mental illness, who are not acutely unwell, and who do not have a diagnosed and active eating disorder, are eligible for the program. All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples over 18 years of age are eligible for the program, regardless of chronic condition/s status.

Medical practitioner consent will only be required if the facilitator or telephone health coach is of the professional opinion that the participant may not be suitable for the program based on their clinical expertise.

For more information, contact The Ipswich My Health for Life facilitator Kate Freeman or visit or call 13 RISK (13 74 75).

My health for life referral templates

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