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My health for life

My health for life (MH4L) is a free behaviour change program designed for people at high risk of developing a chronic disease, and shows participants that making small lifestyle changes can have major health benefits.

The MH4L program works in partnership with GPs and other clinical services, providing patients an opportunity to participate in an evidence-based lifestyle modification program in their local community.

For more information visit or call 13 Risk (13 74 75).

MH4L Current Local Sessions

To view current MH4L sessions available in our PHN's region, click here

Participants are also able to complete the program through telephone coaching if there are no local sessions available in their area.

MH4L Patient Eligibility

To find out if your patient is eligible to participate in the MH4L Program, click here

MH4L Referral Information and Referral Forms.

To refer your patient, fill out the MH4L Referral Form or call 13 Risk (13 74 75). GPs and practice nurses can also refer patients through the Risk Assessment Portal for Health Professionals

Referral Forms

MH4L How We Can Support Your Practice

Our Primary Care Engagement team is available to assist your practice meet accreditation standards for preventative care and can provide the below assistance in relation to the MH4L program: 

  • providing health professional and patient MH4L resources
  • identifying patients that are automatically eligible for the program (those with pre-existing conditions)
  • identifying patients who are at risk or eligible for a health assessment to determine a referral
  • up-skilling various staff in through in-practice education
  • assist with incorporation program promotion into existing business
  • initiating in-practice strategies to increase patient risk assessments and incorporate early intervention processes
  • provide an in-depth understand of risk assessments and prevention activities to all practice nurses involved in the Practice Nurse Support Program. 

MH4L Provider Profiles


Fresh Start Professional Healthcare

For regional communities Gatton and Laidley located in the Lockyer Valley region, the program is delivered by Fresh Start Professional Healthcare, led by Bree Sauer. Bree is passionate about providing preventative care and improving the health and wellbeing of people within her community living with chronic conditions.

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Exact Physiology

Exact Physiology is a multidisciplinary team consisting of accredited exercise physiologists, accredited practicing dietitians and allied health assistants delivering the My health for life program in our region. Their slogan "together we're better"  incorporates their approach to working with individuals who are wanting to make a positive change in their lives.

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Get Support

If you would support in relation to the MH4L Program, please contact: 

Andrea Love
Primary Care Engagement Officer
Phone: 07 3202 4433

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