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Research Opportunities

University of Sydney - Hepatitis C Survey

Quick survey - facilitators and barriers to prescribing treatment for hepatitis C

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Please consider filling out this Quick Clinician Survey on COVID for policy impact

The ANU Medical School's Academic Unit of General Practice is leading the Australian arm of an international research for policy project. This rolling survey is taking place in the USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.

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Mackenzies Mission: Reproductive genetic carrier screening

We want you to recruit your patients!

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The unviersity of Melbourne seeking feedback from GPs, practice managers and nurses

Participate in a focus group to understand how the primary healthcare workforce engages with the national cancer screening programs (bowel, breast and cervical).

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Online Childhood Obesity Prevention Program Development

A team of health professionals from Children’s Health Queensland and The University of Queensland are developing an online program to help prevent overweight and obesity in children.

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affecting Health Care practitioners in the Darling Downs and West Moreton Regions: