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Conflict at Work: How to De-escalate & Prevention

Explore what fuels blame and toxic cultures & what to do when you encounter it.

Finger-pointing, blame, bullying, lack of accountability, gaslighting and other so-called toxic behaviours are a source of tension and strain in many workplaces, not to mention the flow-on impact to productivity. In this thought-provoking webinar, Sam tackles one of the hardest topics for workplaces to address, through the lens of understanding and empathy.

Outline / Objectives:

Part 1: Boost your knowledge - the psychology of conflict

  • Why do we all blame, judge and hit the 'red zone' at times
  • What is unconsciousness & toxic behaviour?
  • Thinking traps that lead to conflict
  • First steps: putting aside Ego & not taking things personally

Part 2: Tactical tools to de-escalate in the heat of the moment

  • Stepping into conscious awareness & out of "survival mode"
  • How to be empathetic with built-in boundaries
  • Staying closer to 'Green' with mindfulness
    • Self-regulation of energy and emotion
    • Non-triggering language choices and tone
    • Firm, clear and calm
    • Empowered body-language

Part 3: New habit formation, culture change & prevention

  • Shift default behaviour from react to respond
  • Setting expectations and seeking agreement to minimise conflict
  • Embedding wellbeing anchors to release tension and stress build-up
  • Three-step debriefing process to diffuse reoccurring patterns of conflict

Target Audience: Managers, Nurses, Health Professionals and Staff working in Aged Care Services who are leaders or aspiring leaders

Your registration fee includes: Pre-reading material, Comprehensive Webinar Notes, Post event resources, Certificate of Attendance.

For more information, contact Aged and Health Care Education.


8:30am - 11:30am,
Wednesday 5 April 2023


Aged and Health Care Education

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